"Remember to smile, and... DRAW ON!"


SLiNKi47 is an artist on Disney Create with over 632,000 stars and 12,700+ fans who has been drawing on DC since 2010. She is most known throughout DC for her inspiring, detailed pictures, her mascot, Winter, and the rumor that she is "the most popular artis

First Picture on DC, 1rst thing I drew on Disney.

t on DC" with the most fans yet counted.

Throughout the days, months, and years, Slinki has shown much improvement. She has drawn wolves, manga, Disney characters, cats, eyes, realistic, chibi, ponies, Sonic, fanart, and much throughout her time on Disney Create. She has invented unique, creative characters, fun contests, and also a new species that was a hit: Chimis. These creatures were any type of flower with a cute chibi face that can be personally designed as your character. 


Slinki's most recent picture, Smile! and DRAW ON!


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