rapunzelosum is an artist on Disney Create with 540+ fans and 14180+ stars. Her account is currently banned, so her art is deleted. She shares her account with her cousin/best friend, Sedellabella, and her friends sunnykitty123, ROTTWEILERCAKE, and Elegantly_art1. She likes to draw in My LIttle Pony style, Club Penguin, and sometimes Powerpuff Girl style and anime. 


About me!

Hai friend! X3 I'm Rapunzelosum, but on here I liked to be called Ro. I will tell you more about me, so we can be friends XD

So, first thing is, I am in love with my pen. I am better at drawing in real life than in DC and such lol. When I draw, usually I take about an hour. More or less. If you looked inside of my art book, all my drawings are in pen. I don't know why, but I HATE DRAWING IN PENCIL! Seriously I have no idea why. I mostly draw MLP and Club Penguin on DC, but in my notebook it's MLP and anime XD Here's just a little bio about me:

Name: Ellie

Nicknames: Nickel City Brain, Ro, Rogurt


Fave Show: MLP:FiM
Mascots: Starnote, Ro, Ashley Snowflaque (old OC)
Draws: MLP, PPG, anime, chibi, CP
Likes: Electronica music, Minecraft, MYSELF XD
Best wiki friends: Mist and Jesskitty
Best real life friends: Eden, Kamie, Carmen, Alissa
Fave DC artists: Fuuny56, Sunnykitty123, InspireStorm, candifloss

So yeah XD

How I found DC and my D-name history

About 3-4 years ago, me and my brother found a website called "Club Penguin" and we shared accounts. A bit later on, we clicked on a link to the Disney website, and The Phineas and Ferb movie was coming out in a few months. They had a video mashup for it, so I tried it and I started to like doing them. One day, I wanted to save it but I didn't have an account. So I made one. I went to "My Disney" and changed my icon to Rapunzel. I wanted my name to match, so I wanted to do "rapunzel is awesome" but it was too many characters. So I made up a short version "rapunzelosum". I really wanted to be more popular, and at the time SC was the main style. I made my own characters, and eventually I had 3 fans. MLP was starting to get popular at the time, so I started to draw them. I had never watched the actual show, but eventually I did and I got better and better. And then I got to be myself now!

I will edit this page LATER

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