Want help trying to get past the terrible approval process? Here are some tips!

What will NOT approve

  • Fishnets or showy clothing
  • Famous singers like Katy Perry, Lady Gaga, Adele and so on (some singers surpass this)
  • Any celebrites that are PG-13+
  • Any movies not DC related (unless they are not copyrighted and G rated like Equestria Girls)
  • TV shows that aren't Disney related such as Spongebob (some shows surpass this)
  • Knives, blood, fighting, gore
  • Crying, sadness (Sometimes.)
  • Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, any social networks
  • Most company names like Walmart etc.
  • Most brand names
  • Kissing. A small kiss or a peck on the cheek may approve but nothing else
  • Personal info like your full name, state, etc.
  • Most song lyrics


Did you check the box that says "share your creation" when you saved your picture? Make sure you hit share. You can go to "My Creations" and roll over the picture with your mouse and if it says "share" hit share!

To see if your picture approved, click your name somewhere on a comment or one of your other pictures, that will show you what your page looks like with all your approved art. Another way is to check your news.


Over time secrets have been spread around on how to get your pictures to approve faster, not all of them may work but they haven't been proven wrong!

  • D-points: Did your picture have a lot of D-points when you finished drawing? The more D-points you have the more likely your picture will approve. The more lines you make the more points you get.
  • Popularity: You may have noticed all the popular artists on DC always get their art approved. Get some fans! The more fans you have the more likely your art will approve.
  • Edit: If your pictures have normal approval and it didn't approve, you may have to just edit the text! Go look back at what you said and if anything seems off that may be why it didn't approve.
  • Being good: Being a really good artist helps out a lot. Better quality art=faster approval.
  • Mashups: Can't get any pictures approved? Try making mash ups instead, it will help you get a few more fans and stars which can help you out with approval!

Sneak past the mods

If you have normal art approval and you want to draw something that normally wouldn't approve here is how!

  • What are you drawing? If it has any violence at all, sorry but that won't get passed—ever.
  • Drawing a person/scene from a TV show or movie? Leave it nameless. Being a former artist on DC I've managed to get Pewdiepie, Smosh, and The Hunger Games past approval just by not saying it's them. Some people might not get it, but hey it approved! XD
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