Hello!I'm GraceRaincloud from Disney Create. I only have 150+ fans and 1700+ stars and I'm a........ ummm..........a.....semipopular artist?Idk. *My Art on Disney Create*My deviantART page*youtube(I don't use it...)*le wattpad page i hardly use ==ORGIN OF GRACERAINCLOUD(got the idea from derp *U*)==How I found DC:.....super boring. I was on the good luck charlie website and it said CREATE A MASHUP so I did and I wanted to save it, so I got a account How I found the wiki: In June, I searched "how do you get your art approved in Disney Create" and I found the How to Get Your Art Approved  page in google so I clicked it and got a account How I got my stupid d-name lol: I have a Wizard101 account and one of my characters are called Grace Raincloud, so for a DC account, I used it. Now I ABSOLUTELY dread it :coh yeah plz call me grace, i perfer that~ next person who calls me GraceRaincloud will be shot no jk     ==About Me== I love drawing, and I draw way better offline(well in coloring i'm better online). But I'm better making people not animals or anything like that.I live in Texas and I'm like you could say Indian-American. I don't mean I am a Native American or something!!I'm from India.In school I'm nice, a little shy(i love talking! but nobody seems to like me.i mean offline), and pretty much a loner.I really don't have friends.But with my family I am talkative and I have 3 little brothers.I love reading, too! My favorite book series are Harry Potter,  Percy Jackson, and The Mysterious Benedict Society series. And I could finish books very quickly. And I'm also a funny person! But I'm really boring at school. Im only funny and could only make witty remarks at home. ==Appearance==I have black hair. And I have very dark brown eyes, but I just make it lighter in Disney Create. And I wear glasses too and need braces later. And about my hair, its straight(and tangled)and long too. I don't have highlights, don't want them, and never will. Oh yeah and I barely draw my glasses in DC.I barely care about my looks and a little bit tomboyish(my mom doesn't like it I barely care about my looks)And I get embarrased when I have to wear short sleeved shirts and sometimes when I wear dresses. ==Disney Create Friends==I still added you even if I don't get treated like a friend*Katebith*MysticMedows*JKStudios*candifloss*lilderpderp*casualgirl10*CrazyCat*ZuesDemigod*Da1andonlehKLETOM*ROCKY-COOKIE(RC12 here)*puppydog58*isparklehearts*VEEN-RED-ROSE*Mockingjay1001*BubbleSkirt*AmazingSierra(Neptune-chan here)*Derpyhooves78*SceneryZio*Mulligan100*Verena-Chan*Maximum-Fire*Blackpuffledj*Petshopface* xXRavenLightXx*oO_birdie_Oo(birdie-official here)*PensandPaint3000*Bobo Joe*ILOVEMITTENS*Under-Par*Watername2468*zeldaisgreat*SunnyKitty123(jesskitty here)*TeamFinnickOdair*g-cat123*Ghoulgirlgotspirit10 (Persephone or GGGS10)*Mist566I'm sorry if I forgot you!!:c You could add to it if I forgot.


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