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Hi! This is glowb's, from DC, wiki page! 

Hi there! I'm Glowb from Disney Create. I have 325+ fans and over 12800 stars! I never thought I'd get so many! I sometimes draw with a mouse, but now I mostly draw with a touchscreen tablet, but I use my finger, not a pen. I draw better on paper. I mainly draw wolves and MLPs. 

These here are my main Mascots- 

  • Rush (Wolf)
  • Winter (Wolf)
  • Crest (Powa)
  • Strike (Wolf)
  • Lilli (Wolf)
  • Trail Blazer (MLP)
  • Acorn Shell (MLP)


You may (or may not) have noticed that Crest is a Powa. What are powas? you ask yourself...

Powas are a wolf-like species that I created. They have two main colors, such as brown and blue for Crest, that make up their fur. Their only markings are - the spots on 

Crest's Bio

their back, their eyes, nose, ear hair, legs and tails. Powas'

tails are like large mouse tails, they are typically black, with a

design around the middle, and a tuft of fur at the end.

This picture clearly shows a powas markings.


Now here are ALL of my characters-


  • Rush
  • Winter
  • Strike
  • Lilli
  • Missy (Old)
  • Swirl
  • Smokey
  • Red Tip (Old
  • Night Stripe (Old)
  • Zap (Old)
  • Cove (Old)
  • Zeb
  • Mona
  • October

Other Species-

  • Woodland (Karabusa) (Old)
  • Fusion (Karabusa) (Old)
  • Flash (Powa)
  • Eclipse (Nightfury)
  • Swish (Eevee) (Old)
  • Crest (Powa)
  • Valley (Horse)
  • Greenmint (Aveswolf) (Old)
  • Scarlet (Cat)
  • Bobby (Cat)
  • Solar (Bear)
  • Blue Moon (Azteca)
  • Maple (Volta Deer) (Old)
  • Tori (Munk)
  • Ezzy (Lion)
  • Paint (Dragon)
  • Ruby (Thimble Dragon)
  • Surf (Atlantica)
  • Jackie (Phoenix)


  • Scribble (Earth Pony)
  • Trail Blazer (Unicorn)
  • Acorn Shell (Pegasus)
  • Midnight Sunrise (Alicorn)
  • Twister (Unicorn)
  • Pencil Sketch (Alicorn) (Not on DC)


My DC Friends!

  • Starry_Night_
  • ArrowsCreator
  • puplover15
  • GreenCats123
  • zeldaisgreat
  • bestcomix
  • cosandk
  • ilovechicken1
  • Mintyartist
  • mkaymickey
  • animallover2545
  • happytree200
  • Rustyscreech
  • Rapunzelosum
  • Mist566
  • Raventhepersonlol

If I didn't mention you, you can add yourself to the list. I'm sorry if I forgot you!


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