ECLIPSED_MOON13 is an artist on Disney Create who has been around since late 2010. This unique artist has over 8,800 fans and 440,000+ stars. She gets her inspiration from Tim Burton, her favorite musical artists (she seems to like Adam Lambert, Paramore, and One Direction), and her fellow artists on Disney Create. Her talents are placed in drawing OSCs, wolves, anime, Adventure Time style, and her own cute styles. She tends to enter different contests frequently, as well as drawing fanart or her own characters.


  • Evolution of ECLIPSED_MOON13
  • Evolution of ECLIPSED_MOON13
  • Evolution of ECLIPSED_MOON13
E_M13 depicts herself as a teenage girl with short black hair and blue eyes. She usually wears earrings, neon colors, and black and white stripes in her pictures. Although this is her recent self, in earlier pictures, she had drawn herself with longer black hair, and, even before, long pinkish hair.

Original Characters

Original Sonic Characters

  • Alex (note, she is based off of the artist)
  • Joshua
  • Destiny
  • Dalilah
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