Besides the website, the content that is being drawn is the best! So many young artists create their own styles or draw in popular ones and make awesome pictures! Here is some background about the artists and their styles.


Originating from the show "The Powerpuff Girls", it hardly ever gets called "Powerpuff Girls style." It was originally designed by EarthGirl1001 around 2011/12, this is possibly the most popular style to draw in on DC. The style really took off when Lucy100- started drawing it. Her art was inspirational and got all of DC going. Now so many artists draw in this style still today mainly because of how easy and simple the style is. 


Again another abbreviation, meaning My Little Pony. This style got rapidly popular when the show My Little Pony Friendship is Magic came out. This is probably the secondmost popular style on Create.

Sonic Characters

Originating from the entire Sonic commnutity, it was commonly know as an SC or OSC. This style used to be crazy popular back around 2009-2012. Unfortunately SC's are not that popular anymore, but there are still artists out there! 

Manga Wolves/other furries

Manga wolves don't really come from anywhere but has always been around. At times this style had its high and low points but is still commonly used on DC. 


Anime, Chibi, and Manga also don't come from anywhere but are quite popular universal. These styles aren't oftenly used on DC, and when they are they are most commonly used incorrectly. 

Original Styles

Probably the most uncommon thing is a totally original style. They're hard to come up with but there are some artists who do an amazing job! 
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